Affinity Analysis

Analyze the correlation between different event/actions related to the same entity.

Algorithm Selection

Select an algorithm to use for a measure.

Balance Sheet

Data models containing balance sheet data and/or related analysis.

Bill of Materials

List of components of a product is usually a native parent-child hierarchy.

Budget Allocation

Allocate budget values to different granularities.


You need classify items according to attribute or measures.


Compare data between different tables.

Cumulative Balance

Aggregate historical values/transactions to obtain a final balance/stock value.

Customer Retention

Analyze the loss of customers by measuring the customer turnover.

Distinct Count on Dimension Attribute

Apply a distinct count on an attribute of a dimension (SCD1 or SCD2) in a star schema.


Create groups of items based on conditions related to attribute values or measures.

Inventory Stock

Implement the Inventory Stock as a dynamic calculation in DAX, using the Movements table instead of a snapshot table.

Market Basket Analysis

Analyze the products bought in the same transation or by the same customer in different operations.

Organizational Structure

Company organizational structures are often represented as parent-child hierarchies

Profit and Loss Account Hierarchy

Most profit and loss statements have a native parent-child hierarchy for representing the list of ac-counts.


Apply a ranking value to an item, based on a measure or a related value.


Create a simulation model that needs external parameters selection.


Common statistical calculations applied to a data model.


Analyze data of survey questionnaire comparing answers to different questions, including multiple-choice answers.